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Oatmeal cookies

Our famous Oatmeal cookies have been a family favorite ever since we were young boys growing up in Long Beach California. Our next door neighbor Hazel Ferrer, in the 1960’s, used to bake these, and invite all the neighbor hood kids over to enjoy these yummy, gooey, sticky bites of wonder.  The smell coming out her kitchen told us the cookies were coming! Kids lining up out her back door waiting for her to bring them out, and those cookies were devoured in a matter of minutes! So from Hazels kitchen to the Cheese Shop, and now to your front door, Hazels legacy lives on thanks to all of you! 

Handmade Homemade

Our cookies are made fresh Daily,  sometimes made fresh every few minutes! 

Oatmeal cookies are made with no flour, and no butter.

Chocolate Chip cookies are all natural, just like mom’s homemade recipe!

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 Besides our famous cookies, we are a really great sandwich shop!  We pride ourselves in  common food made uncommonly good!  Roast Beef, Ham, Pork, and Lamb are all roasted on the premises.  Made to order sandwiches, along with an awesome selection of import candies and drinks, makes your trip to the Cheese Shop a magical experience! 

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